It is premature to talk about recusal in a closely followed Tulsa manslaughter case against a white volunteer sheriff's deputy, a judge with ties to the sheriff's office said Friday. 

     Federal prosecutors announced a grand jury investigation into the "theft" of a Ben Franklin manuscript that mysteriously disappeared from the New York Public Library's collection. 

     A defective penile-circumcision clamp caused the tip of a 7-day-old infant's penis to be amputated, his mother claims in court. 

     A former billionaire developer and an escrow officer were charged Thursday with 21 federal counts of wire fraud and other white collar crimes. 

     The first of several expected lawsuits against PG&E was filed less than a week after a natural gas pipeline exploded in Fresno and injured nearly a dozen people. 

     A federal judge Thursday preliminarily approved a $500,000 settlement for a class of homeowners who challenged U.S. Bank's practice of force-placing insurance through American Security Insurance. 

     Google discriminates against older tech workers by disproportionally hiring the under-40 set, a 64-year-old job-seeker claims in a federal class action. 

     An attorney who flooded his former mistress with thousands of harassing phone calls and emails should be disbarred, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled. 

     iDreamSky, China's largest mobile game publishing platform, raised $116 million in its IPO through false and misleading statements, shareholders claim in a class action in New York County Supreme Court. 

     Designer Catherine Maladrino claims ASL Holdings et al. hurt her reputation by licensing her brands to Bluestar Alliance, in a $52 million contract claim in New York County Supreme Court. 

     Rasier (Uber) sued the Texas attorney general and Houston to stop them from revealing how many Uber drivers it has in Houston, in Travis County Court. 

     Sheriff Joe Arpaio knew his former counsel had the wife of the federal judge overseeing the civil contempt hearing against him investigated, he admitted Thursday.

     Investigative reporters threw an imprisoned cartel hitman's girlfriend to the wolves by not shielding her identity in a broadcast, a federal complaint alleges. 

     Ally Senior Care rips off aging veterans by helping them get healthcare benefits, then takes the money and gives them $400 worth of housekeeping services in return, the state claims in Superior Court. 

     An Arkansas sheriff refused to provide medical attention to an inmate though one foot of "his colon [was] literally hanging outside of his body," the man claims in Federal Court. 

     New regulations will reduce the recreational fishing limits on red snapper by over two million pounds and likely shorten the fishing season to one day, an advocacy group claims. 

     Three turkey meat firms claim in court that a South Dakota feed company misidentified its product as antibiotic free, when in fact it was not, costing them more than $780,000. 

     California on Thursday ordered farms and people in the Central Valley to stop diverting irrigation water from rivers and streams despite their legal rights to the water.

     A San Francisco tax preparer allegedly promoted tax schemes that generated more than $515 million in false deductions and caused the government to lose at least $129 million in revenue, the Justice Department said. 

     Running a "heads I win, tails you lose" pricing scheme, an energy company charges a premium for electricity regardless of market shifts, a federal class action alleges. 

     Cellular Biomedicine Group paid a promoter to pump its stock and hid deaths connected to a cancer treatment, shareholders claim in a federal class action. 

     A federal judge refused to dismiss a class action accusing Oracle of suppressing employee wages by creating no-poaching agreements with other tech giants.

     A mental health services provider negligently placed a Miami, Fla. man in a facility with violent inmates, one of whom beat him to death, the deceased's mother claims in court. 

     A high school dance coach's sexual abuse of a student should have been reported to police by the coach's husband, the now-adult victim claims in court. 

     A federal judge amended her ruling that Sonoma County did not promise lifetime health care to retirees who were hired before 1990. 

     Wholesome Soy Products agreed to stop distributing contaminated soybean sprouts, settling a federal complaint by the United States. 

     A Florida judge should consider whether Hulk Hogan's sex-tape based claims against a Hungary-based affiliate of Gawker have jurisdiction, an appeals court ruled. 

     The D.C. Circuit threw out a $10 million defamation claim brought by the son of Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas against Foreign Policy magazine for questioning the source of his wealth. 

     A federal judge refused to unseat two class representatives from the U.S. government's $680 million discrimination settlement with Native Americans farmers. 

     A Connecticut man was properly convicted of attempting to bribe a judge overseeing the grand jury considering charges stemming from the disappearance of the man's wife, an appeals court ruled. 

     A federal grand jury added more woe - and four more criminal counts - to New York state Assemblyman Sheldon Silver's plate in a superseding indictment issued Thursday. 

     A man convicted twice already of brutally raping and killing his 2-year-old niece will get a third trial, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled, citing juror bias. 

     Retired general and former CIA Director David Petraeus was sentenced to two years probation and fined $100,000 on Thursday for providing classified information to his mistress.

     A San Diego man was arrested Thursday and charged with making false statements about his involvement with international terrorism. 

     Finding that a prosecutor unfairly appealed to a jury's emotion in a rape and sex abuse trial, a Utah appeals court reversed the convictions against two men. 

     Uncle Sam will pay $130,000 in attorneys' fees in a case challenging a highway widening project near California's Smith River that could threaten protected salmon, a federal judge ruled. 

     The state of Texas, 53 of its cities and red-light camera contractors unfairly ticket registered vehicle owners for running red lights without proof the owners were actually driving, a class claims in Tarrant County court. 

     LexisNexis Risk Solutions is using an expired license for BlueDriver sensors that report automobile diagnostic data, Root Four Imagination claims in Federal Court. 

     A Henderson, Nev., man faces up to 25 years in federal prison after pleading guilty Thursday to running a $9 million Ponzi scam.

     Forcing small-party voters in Arizona to write in their party's name on registration forms doesn't disenfranchise them, the 9th Circuit ruled Friday. 

     Comcast dropped its $45.2 billion merger bid for Time Warner Cable Friday after regulators raised concerns the combined firm would be an "unavoidable gatekeeper" for users of broadband services.

     Challenging the 15-day suspension he faces for overmedicating a race horse, a world-renowned trainer says New York regulators trampled his due-process rights. 

     A Cicero, Ill., man spent nearly a year in jail trying to make bail because a detective lied to the grand jury, he claims in Federal Court. 

     A journalist who won access to documents on President Ronald Reagan's supposed work as an FBI informant has settled with federal agencies, a federal judge said. 

     Citing withheld evidence, the Connecticut Supreme Court overturned the conviction of a mentally impaired man accused of raping and murdering an 88-year-old. 

     Instead of calculating rates based on risk factors, Farmers Insurance Exchange focuses on what policyholders will pay, a class claims in court.

     The powerful venture capital firm at the center of a closely-watched Silicon Valley gender discrimination lawsuit has requested nearly $1 million in costs, according to court documents. 

     My Global Leverage and Toney Blondo Eggleston took $786,000 from people through illegal, off-exchange commodities trades, the CFTC claims in Federal Court.  

     A Bay Area real estate investor will pay $21.8 million in restitution and spend 51 months in prison for his role in a multi-year real estate investment fraud scheme, the Justice Department said Thursday.

     A former Symantec marketing director has been sentenced to 36 months in prison after pleading guilty to embezzling over $1.1 million from the tech giant, the Justice Department said Thursday.