A man accused of throwing his heiress wife off a cliff before taking a fall himself cannot bar the admission of medical records in his criminal case, the Maine Supreme Court ruled. 

     The deadly fertilizer explosion that flattened parts of West, Texas should have been prevented with better oversight by regulatory authorities, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board said.

     A biodiesel company sued Florida for $1.3 million, claiming the state gave corporate identity thieves a tax credit in that amount, and refused to make the real company whole after the chicanery was discovered. 

     Unpublished documents related to a professor's research on global warming are "proprietary," and therefore exempt from the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, the Virginia Supreme Court ruled. 

     Revlon pushes its cosmetics with bogus claims about "DNA Advantage," a class action claims in Federal Court.  

     A Ventura County auto repair shop drove a customer's car into a tree at 65 mph after getting a parking ticket on it, which it refuses to pay, a miffed customer claims in Superior Court. 

     A Somerville, Mass. school principal harassed and fired a school secretary for speaking Spanish to Spanish-speaking families, the former secretary claims in Somerset County Court. 

     A muddled and controversial deal to spend $2.3 billion for a gleaming new courthouse in Long Beach has from the start attracted critics to its finances like moths to a flame. Now the Los Angeles tax assessor is suing for millions of dollars in property taxes on the building that, if the suit is successful, would wind up being paid from an already beleaguered court budget.

     A judge on Wednesday refused to order a mistrial in the criminal case against an protester accused of elbowing a cop at an Occupy Wall Street rally.

     Flesh-eating bacteria found on hospital linens was responsible for the deaths of at least five premature babies in 2008 and 2009, parents of one baby claim in court. 

     The nation's pre-eminent stock exchanges cheated investors by letting high speed traders jump the line, manipulating the markets and diverting billions of dollars to themselves, the city of Providence, R.I., claims in a federal class action.

     The mayor of Glendale sexually harassed and battered a woman after promising he could use his position to help her business, the woman claims in court.

     Online daters failed to show that SuccessfulMatch.com misled them into believing their HIV and STD statuses would remain private, a federal judge ruled. 

     A dentist needlessly yanked 28 teeth from a 23-year-old patient, the man claims in court. 

     An IHOP employee drove over a customer repeatedly with the customer's own car, nearly killing him, after a dispute about a bill, the customer claims in court. 

     Inside trader Raj Rajaratnam's little brother can't shake similar charges filed against him last year, a federal judge ruled. 

     Software firm SAP is not off the hook for a $391 million patent infringement judgment against it in spite of a patent-in-suit being invalidated by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, a federal judge ruled. 

     The former soldier convicted of the biggest intelligence leak in U.S. history can officially change her name from Bradley Edward Manning to Chelsea Elizabeth Manning, a judge ruled this morning.

     The Supreme Court on Wednesday reversed an order of habeas relief to a Kentucky man who "brutally raped, slashed with a box cutter, and drowned a 16-year-old." 

     Reversed by the Supreme Court, the 9th Circuit admitted Wednesday that a man's bankruptcy fraud did not free his exempt assets to pay attorneys' fees for a trustee. 

     An imam need not face defamation claims from the querulous lawyer who tried to stop his plans for an Islamic community center near Ground Zero, a federal judge ruled. 

     North Dakota is not bound by a Minnesota law that would restrict the importation of out-of-state electricity, a federal judge ruled. 

     Tuesday Morning has settled claims that it fired a former CEO after she revealed her breast cancer diagnosis. 

     A mentally ill inmate whose severe delusions led him to believe he was working with the FBI from prison to bust a drug cartel deserves extra time to appeal, the 9th Circuit ruled. 

     A federal judge called for a ninth amended complaint alleging that Bayer hid safety risks and got illegal kickbacks for off-label marketing of Avelox and Trasylol. 

     A class cannot pursue misbranding claims against 7-Eleven regarding various flavors of its 7-Select chips, a federal judge ruled 

     A federal judge refused to dismiss certain warranty claims regarding BP Solar panels that allegedly contained defective junction boxes. 

     The government suffered a blow from the Supreme Court on Wednesday in its bid to get restitution for victims of child pornography. 

     Tobacco conglomerate RJR Nabisco must face claims by the European Union that it directs a money-laundering plot for Colombian and Russian drug traffickers, the 2nd Circuit ruled today. 

     A U.S. marshal shot an unarmed man in the back after raiding his home for suspicion of kidnapping, though the man's alleged victim, his girlfriend, "answered the door" and "appeared fine, with her children happily outside playing," the wounded man claims in court. 

     Various officials let Apple enter into illegal agreements with Silicon Valley companies like Google and Intel to eliminate hiring competition and drive down employee wages, a class of investors claims.


     A G4S Secure Solutions guard sexually molested a boy at the (nonparty) Dade Juvenile Residential Facility, a boy claims in Miami-Dade County Court.  

     A bag of Scotts Organic Black Mulch spontaneously combusted, setting a house afire, the owners claim in Bristol County Court. 

     Genco Shipping & Trading and affiliates filed for bankruptcy, listing more than $1 billion in assets and liabilities - $125 million of it, unsecured, to the Bank of New York Mellon.

     The Nielsen Co. stiffs its field reps for overtime, a class action claims in Federal Court.