The city of Oakland agreed to pay $9,500 to an independent video journalist known for documenting police misconduct, who claimed police officers wrongfully detained him with a "groundless" jaywalking ticket.

     A medical marijuana patient sued Shell Oil, claiming it sold him butane that exploded, burning him and killing a friend as they tried to make hash oil. 

     A trick-or-treater was hit by a truck while being chased by a man revving a chainsaw, and an insurer refuses to cover it, her family claims in court. 

     It's well known that women deal with pain better than men.
     I don't mean that women deal with pain better than they deal with men; I mean they deal with pain better than men do.
     The average woman in pain carries the pain around with her as she does her daily work and chores. If it gets really bad she takes an aspirin. If it gets even worse and won't go away she goes to a doctor. That usually takes care of the pain.
     The average man in pain informs the woman he is with that he is in pain.
     This does not take care of the pain. It has no effect on the pain whatsoever. All it does is spread the pain around.
     Nonetheless, this is what the average man does, and he keeps doing it until the woman he is with tells him to go to the doctor or shut up already.
     The man then replaces some of his pain with resentfulness that the woman does not want to know about his pain. This does not help either.
     I am an average man in this way, but I try not to complain until the pain gets really bad. Then I make up for all the time I missed complaining.
     That's what happened this week. My tooth hurt a bit on Tuesday, and a bit more on Wednesday. On Thursday it really hurt, but I figured it would get better on its own. It did not. On Friday it hurt like a bastard if I tried to eat and on Saturday it hurt like a bastard whether I was eating or not. On Sunday I couldn't eat.
     So what did I do? Did I call the dentist's emergency line? I did not. I complained to Jane.
     "It won't get better," she said.
     This may seem a heartless reply, indicating that I am doomed to a lifetime of unremitting pain. Actually, it was a reasonable reply, with an implied dependent clause. The clause was: "unless you go to the dentist."
     On Monday morning, the dentist's receptionist told me they could squeeze me in Wednesday afternoon.
     "Hat's hine," I said, trying not to move my jaw.
     I asked what the chance was of getting a painkiller. The receptionist was dubious, but said she'd ask.
     This allowed me to resent a dentist I had never seen for failing to lavish narcotics upon me because I had picked up a phone.
     "What kind of deal is this?" I thought.
     What the dentist should have said was: "Narcotics? Sure! How much would you like? What kind? If you take enough pills they should subdue that nasty throbbing in your big toe from your bike ride yesterday."
     I only got about 10 minutes of resentment out of it, though, because the dentist called me back, listened to me, and said he'd better call in an antibiotic as well as the painkiller.
     "Hat's hreat," I said, and I meant it, too.
     I wondered what kind of painkiller he would order. I hoped it was a good one. Now all I had to do was stand the pain for an hour or two, then gobble down some pills.
     In those two hours, did I complain to Jane that I could not see the dentist for two days?
     That I had to wait for two hours to take legal, medical-grade narcotics?
     I did not. I kept my mouth shut and took the pain.
     Because I'm a man.

     A large tuna fell on a man and injured him, he claims in a lawsuit against his employer, M&F Fishing, in Superior Court. 

     A Pennsylvania woman says in court that a 136-pound Ikea MALM dresser fell on her 2-year-old, pinning him to his bed, and killed him. 

     The Caribbean Cup refuses to admit team Guyana USA for this year's season, the club claims in Kings County Court. 

     Sisters who say their U.S. Marine father raised the U.S. flag during the Battle of Iwo Jima sued a Texas museum, demanding the military uniform he loaned it. 

     A judge acquitted the police officer Saturday who killed two unarmed, black suspects after vaulting onto the hood of their car and firing 15 shots through the windshield.

     California water officials accepted a deal Friday with farmers in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta that reduces water deliveries to the parched agricultural region by 25 percent.

     John Malkovich took to Federal Court Friday to deny a Parisian newspaper's reports that he avoided taxes by keeping a secret bank account and linked him to the global tax-evasion "SwissLeaks" scandal. 

     A neighboring restaurant has filed the first lawsuit against the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco where a deadly shootout between rival biker gangs broke out on Sunday. 

     A man says in a federal lawsuit that he developed a severe infection and nearly died after consuming Blue Bell ice cream products contaminated with listeria. 

     A feud between rappers just got uglier with a lawsuit accusing Rick Ross of splicing video of 50 Cent into a random sex tape, and then putting that video online. 

     Western Watersheds, whose research led to a bill that outlawed "citizen science" in Wyoming, tried to persuade a judge this week to dismiss property owners' lawsuit against it.

     A salesman blames marijuana fertilizer producers for traumatic brain damage he suffered from drinking the chemical in a "Crystal Cocktail" at a sales promotion. 

     New Mexico ranchers say jaguars are doing just fine in Central and South America, and don't need land as much as their cattle do. 

     The founders of virtual-reality company Total Recall Technologies claim in Federal Court that their former partner took their ideas and formed recent Facebook acquisition Oculus Rift. 

     News and gossip website Gawker claims in a lawsuit that it is entitled to federal government records about a Hulk Hogan sex tape. 

     A 14-year-old sex trafficking victim claims in court that a nonprofit's volunteer sexually assaulted her after police rescued her and delivered her to them. 

     A Muscogee Indian sued her Oklahoma school district for refusing to let her graduate from high school with a sacred eagle feather with her cap and gown. 

     A student at Birmingham-Southern College claims in court that that hazing by the Kappa Alpha Order fraternity left him unable to participate as the quarterback on the college football team. 

     Four Florida media companies sold infomercials to unsuspecting local businesses and government entities, leading their victims to believe the productions were legitimate news programs, the state attorney general claims. 

     An increase in bottlenose dolphin deaths in the Gulf of Mexico is likely linked to exposure to pollutants from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, according to researchers by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association 

     A Colorado school district fired its financial manager for truthfully reporting that it asked her to pad its budget with $12 million in unverifiable salary expenses, she claims in court. 

     The fourth time they assaulted him, Los Angeles police punched, Tasered and hog-tied a mentally disabled, homeless black man as he tried to "relax" at Venice Beach, the man claims in court. 

     Three beeps will precede emergency messages on TV screens, alerting those who cannot see them to switch to an audio channel and listen, the FCC announced.

     New York's decision not to issue "Choose Life" vanity plates because it feared the anti-abortion message might inspire road rage was "viewpoint neutral" and therefore will stand, a divided 2nd Circuit ruled. 

     The 2nd Circuit affirmed the dismissal Friday of an attempt to pin blame for MF Global's collapse on accountants at PricewaterhouseCoopers. 

     Fox News cannot dismiss claims that it defamed two Florida women by broadcasting a film that falsely accused them of stealing a beach canopy, a federal judge ruled. 

     Texas has changed its mind and will try to comply with a federal law to prevent prison rape, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said. 

     A grand jury has returned indictments against the six Baltimore city police officers previously charged in connection to the death of Freddie Gray.

     The 2nd Circuit upheld the convictions Friday of two Albany men who bilked hundreds of investors out of millions of dollars in a Ponzi scheme. 

     PayPal agreed to pay $25 million to settle claims it signed consumers up to its online credit plan without their permission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced. 

     A federal judge found Alabama's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional Thursday but stayed the decision pending a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the issue. 

     Pennsylvania gives moving companies unconstitutional "competitor's veto" power over potential rivals, husband and wife entrepreneurs claim in Federal Court. 

     The Environmental Protection Agency endangers public health by sitting on a plan to reduce particulate matter in California's South Coast Air Basin, the Sierra Club claims in court. 

     Pharma companies in a multimillion-dollar settlement related to a popular testoterone replacement drug are not entitled to non-public information concerning similar disputes between drug distributors, a federal judge ruled. 

     An Irvine man who defrauded victims of $3.5 million in phony cures for diabetes and childhood obesity was sentenced Thursday to 151 months in federal prison.

     Arbonne International's "30-Day Feeling Fit Kit" had exactly the opposite effect on an Indiana woman who claims in a lawsuit that the product caused her acute kidney failure. 

     A federal judge Thursday dismissed with leave to amend a complaint accusing the Santa Cruz County Bank and three men of running a $17 million Ponzi scheme. 

     Directors are selling AOL too cheaply through an unfair process to Verizon, for $4.4 billion or $50 a share, shareholders claim in a class action in Chancery Court. 

     A Piper Seneca "disintegrated in mid-air" two years ago, killing the pilot and two passengers flying to Rome, N.Y., their families claim in court. 

     Authorities have arrested two Orange County men on charges of conspiring to provide material support to ISIL, prosecutors said Friday. 

     New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu on Thursday doubled down on his city's reputation for acceptance of diversity in the face of Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal's order allowing businesses across the state not to serve same-sex couples.

     A federal court was correct in approving a class action settlement between the NFL and former players over use of players' likenesses, an 8th Circuit panel ruled. 

     Approving the largest cash award ever in a derivative suit, a judge signed off on a settlement to Vivendi's restructuring that gives Activision Blizzard $275 million. 

     A Manhattan art dealer sold paintings by Picasso, Chagall, Modigliani, Magritte and other legendary modern artists worth more than $10.8 million without permission, a New Zealand collector alleges.

     Agencies that list endangered species hail a proposal as a means to reduce their burden, while conservationists claim increased burden for citizen petitioners.

     Pro soccer legend Eric Cantona sued the New York Cosmos for $961,000, salary he says the team owed him when it fired him for punching out a paparazzo in London.

     Chicago taxi operators looking for medallion loans suffered a major blow when Capital One abruptly pulled out of the market, a new lawsuit alleges. 

     A child actress' parents swiped $1 million from her and tried to ruin her relationship with her fiancé by saying she has AIDS, Rae'ven Kelly claims in court.

     A former State of Alabama employee was sentenced on Tuesday to more than seven years in prison for her involvement in an identity theft ring, the U.S. Department of Justice announced.

     Shares of Vipshop, a China-based online discount retailer, dropped amid reports of inaccuracies and manipulated sales, a federal class action alleges.

     Directors of IntraLinks software dumped their own shares for $78 million while concealing information that caused the stock to sink by 45 percent, shareholders claim in court. 

     Hearst Communications sells its magazine subscribers' private information without permission to data miners and others, a class action claims in Federal Court.