Tuesday, July 23, 2013 10:49 AM PT
$3 Million Dispute With Latin Pop Star

     LOS ANGELES (CN) - A Puerto Rican record company sued Latino singer-actor Don Omar for $3 million, claiming he broke a promise to perform on a record and produce four concerts.
     LT's Benjamin Records sued Omar (William Omar Laudron Rivera), in Superior Court. It alleges breach of written agreement, breach of faith, and fraud in the inducement.
     The dispute stems from copyright infringement claims LT's Benjamin made last year against non-parties Austin Santos aka Archangel, and a company called Flow Factory.
     As part of a settlement of those claims, Archangel allegedly agreed to pay LT's Benjamin $65,000. Under the same agreement, LT's Benjamin gave up rights to a song called "Fila" to Don Omar and Piña Records, according to the new lawsuit.
     In return, Don Omar agreed to perform three songs on the Luny Tunes release, "Mas Flow 3," according to the complaint.
     LT's Benjamin this year dismissed its complaint against Archangel. It claims that Omar then "steadfastly refused" to perform on the record.
     Don Omar gave it the runaround for months before admitting to "Mas Flow 3" producer (non-party) Francisco Saldaña that he was "no longer interested" in doing the record, LT's Benjamin says in the complaint.
     The record label claims that Omar took exception after a performer named Daddy Yankee was taken off one of the recordings. LT's Benjamin calls that assertion by Omar "factually incorrect," but notes that the settlement allows it to choose artists for that song.
     LT's Benjamin says Don Omar charges $350,000 per recording or appearance. By its calculations, Omar owes it $2.15 million, plus $400,000 for reneging on a promise to deliver production services on four "Mas Flow 3" concerts.
     It claims that Omar's breaches mean the "forthcoming album has experienced grievous setbacks."
     In addition to singing and rapping, Omar acted in "Fast and the Furious" sequel, "Fast Five." He is also known by the nickname El Rey (The King).
     LT's Benjamin is represented by Michael Trauben, with Singh, Singh & Trauben, of Beverly Hills.