Friday, April 12, 2013 8:45 AM PT
Author Says 'Lottery Ticket' Is Counterfeit

     (CN) - A best-selling author accused rapper Ice Cube's production company of turning his book into the 2010 movie "Lottery Ticket" without permission.
     Franklin White sued Cube Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures and Alcon Entertainment in federal court in Atlanta. Ice Cube is not a party to the complaint.
     White published his novel "First Round Lottery Pick" in 2005, about a young basketball star who decides to forego college when he gets a chance to play for the NBA. In June 2010, U.S. public libraries named it National Book of the Month.
     In 2008, Cube Vision Vice President of Production and Development Dave Hebenstreit asked White for a copy of his screenplay, "Grown Folk, A Hip Hop Musical," saying the company was considering producing it, according to the complaint.
     Later, White says he sent a copy of "First Round Lottery Pick" to Matt Alvarez, president of Cube Vision. White says he included a cover letter explaining that he intended the copy as a writing sample and hoped Cube Vision would consider him for a job as a writer on an upcoming sitcom on ABC, starring Lebron James.
     In August 2009, Cube Vision began production on "Lottery Ticket," a movie starring the rapper and actor Shad Gregory Moss, aka Bow Wow, as a young man living in the projects who struggles to hold onto a winning lottery ticket after his neighbors find out what he's holding.
     Warner Bros. released the movie in 2010. It made $24 million at the box office, a hair above the $17 million budget.
     White claims film expert Kathryn Arnold examined both the book and the movie and found at least 44 identical elements.
     White is suing for an injunction to stop the sale of the movie, along with profits, punitive damages and attorney fees.
     Alan Clarke of the Entertainment Law Group in Atlanta is representing White in his case against Cube Vision, Alcon Film Fund, Alcon Entertainment, Warner Bros, and Time Warner.