Friday, September 21, 2012 1:51 PM PT
Boz Scaggs Sues Sony for Royalties

     (CN) - "Lido Shuffle" singer Boz Scaggs claims Sony Music Entertainment owes him $150,000 in royalties.
     The singer, whose real name is William Scaggs, says in federal court in Manhattan that he signed a recording agreement in 1976 with CBS Records, Sony's predecessor.
     Scaggs, whose other hits include "Look What You've Done to Me" and "Lowdown," claims Sony has failed to pay him the proper royalties since the beginning of 2009.
     "Sony has consistently failed to properly account to and pay Scaggs for Masters leased to third-party Music Download and Mastertone Providers, such as iTunes, eMusic,, Verizon Wireless and others. Music Download and Mastertone Providers are third-parties that licensed the Masters from Sony and then distributed music downloads, mastertones and ringtones to end users on computers cell phones and or other devices," the lawsuit states.
     Scaggs opted out of a class action lawsuit, Shropshire v. Sony Music Entertainment, earlier this year to pursue his own legal action.
     Scaggs sued for breach of contract and declaratory judgment. He asked for $150,000 and a declaration that he is entitled to 50 percent of the net receipts for leasing of the master recordings.
     His legal team includes Richard Busch of the Nashville, Tenn., law firm King & Ballow, and Kenneth Gordon of the New York law firm Gordon, Gordon & Schnapp.